obviousbliss (obviousbliss) wrote in playgroundx,


oo1. A Crazy Flamingo.

oo2. A Treasure Map.
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oo3. Your Favorite Pokemon.

heck yes. =]

oo4. A Spatula

oo5. A Picture Of Your favorite Canadian Stereo-Type.

So I was researching something for social
and I found this site about canada made by americans..
and it gave recipes for our' national dishes'..


all it had was poutine and split-pea soup.
and I hate both. [thats a total lie, I LOVE pea soup]

oo1. A Picture Of Yourself Dancing
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oo2. A Signpicture To The Community Or A Member.
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oo3. A Picture Of Yourself When You First Wake Up.
Image hosting by Photobucket
ow ow. whos that hottie?

oo4. A Picture Of Your First Pet [if applicable].
Image hosting by Photobucket
KC [kittie cat, I was creative]


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